Design Consulant Maze

Design is about solving problems, providing answers. But, first it is about asking questions and defining the problem. Issues not identified early-on can later be disruptive and lead to delay and extra expense in any development program.

With decades of cross-industry development experience we are pretty good at asking the right questions and solving some pretty tough problems. Good enough that in industries where new product introductions are often trade show driven, we have made over 80 straight trade show deadlines without a miss, including some with seemingly impossible schedules.

Companies have utilized our development experience in a consulting arrangement to manage projects, render a second opinion or look over the shoulder of less experienced staff. When negotiating your way through the product development maze it never hurts to have someone around who has been though it before, well over 100 times before.

Companies have also used our mechanical design expertise to solve technical problems. Often design problems that show up late, many after a product is already in production and time is of the essence. Companies as large as GE Medical and as far away as Sydney Australia have found value in having us address critical problems.

Whatever the problem, there is no risk in giving us a call to see how we might help.