Industrial Design

Industrial Design Ball

The conceptual design is the most critical phase of any new development project. While it affords great opportunity for innovation, failure to satisfy the customer and all of the company stakeholders can doom a project from the start. You trust your industrial designer to develop a product concept that has broad appeal, is easy to use, betters the competition, promotes your brand and, ultimately, can be developed into a successful product.

A great concept creates high expectations for the finished product. We understand that companies have experienced projects where the end result did not meet those expectations. Our philosophy is that the design should improve, and expectations be raised, at each step in the program. From renderings, to models, to prototype, to finished product - the design gets better. This is one measure of a successful program. Our clients can hold us to it.

Design problems, client tastes, and user requirements differ, and so do design solutions. We do not believe that there is one "style" that characterizes our work. What does characterize our work is commercial success. Many of our product designs are, or have been, market leaders. In an age of rapidly changing technology, some have been on the market for over two decades.